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The Awakened Life

A Journey Into the Heart of Meditation

With Craig Hamilton

Discover the remarkable transformative power of Direct Awakening meditation practice in an accessible ongoing membership program offering you the tools, training and support to catalyze and sustain a genuine spiritual awakening

Enlightenment is and always has been the ultimate goal of human life.

Blazing forth from a depth beyond our mind’s comprehension, this paradigm-shattering, life-altering discovery has inspired and compelled the devotion of sages and mystics for thousands of years.

Today, thanks to the abundance of spiritual teachings available to us, more and more of us are having authentic experiences of the power and freedom of genuine awakening.

But as most of us have discovered, Enlightenment is not something that simply happens to us once, leaving us forever changed by its intensity.

Like flashes of lightning on a hot summer night, these openings to ultimate reality can in an instant illuminate everything in sight, only to fade from view as quickly as they appeared.

These moments of Enlightenment are always inspiring. They reveal to us the sacredness and depth at the heart of reality and they show us a possibility for living that is unimaginable to our conventional small self and mind.

But if you’ve been on the path for any length of time, you’ve probably realized that spiritual life isn’t about having more moments of awakening.

It’s about being Enlightened. It’s about becoming so deeply rooted in the infinite depth of awakened consciousness that your entire life becomes an expression of that depth.

For anyone serious about their spiritual transformation, the question is not just how to awaken to our true nature, but how to sustain that awakening consistently over time.

The Keys to Sustaining Spiritual Awakening

Achieving this level of spiritual stability requires more than simply attending retreats, taking courses or even doing a daily meditation practice.

To stabilize authentic spiritual awakening, we need to turn our entire life into an incubator of Awakened Consciousness. We need to live an awakened life.

For most of us that means we need a structure to our spiritual life that includes regular opportunities for direct spiritual guidance, a committed and varied practice regimen, and the supportive field of a community of kindred spirits who share our powerful intention to awaken.

To support you in your journey toward a truly sustainable awakening, we’re excited to announce the birth of a brand new ongoing membership program with spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton.


The Awakened Life

A Journey Into the Heart of Meditation

The Awakened Life was conceived as a simple and accessible structure to support you in activating, deepening and sustaining spiritually awakened consciousness.

The Awakened Life will provide you with:

  • Regular infusions of potent spiritual guidance to activate the miracle of awakened consciousness within you.
  • A coherent, structured program of both self-directed and guided meditation practices to help you deepen and stabilize your awakening.
  • Frequent opportunities for meditation coaching to help you maximize the time spent in practice and ensure that your meditation is effective.
  • An ongoing support structure to help you express and live your awakening in every moment of your life.
  • A vibrant community of practice to enliven and support your awakening.

Through frequent opportunities for live virtual engagement with spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton and a structured practice program within a dedicated community of support, each month you’ll penetrate deeper into the mystery of awakening and strengthen your ability to sustain your awakening throughout the ups and downs of daily life.

Master the Practice of Direct Awakening

You’ve probably heard about The Practice of Direct Awakening–the unique approach to spiritual practice pioneered by Craig Hamilton.

After decades of spiritual practice and consciousness research, an unexpected breakthrough led Craig to create a radical new form of spiritual practice that can give us direct and immediate access to what has traditionally been called our “true nature” or the realization of Enlightenment.

The revolutionary discovery at the heart of the Practice of Direct Awakening is that we don’t have to wait for Awakening to happen to us.

Nor do we have to spend a lifetime practicing various “indirect” techniques in the hope that one day we will stumble upon awakened consciousness.

It’s possible to directly practice being Awake, or resting in our true nature which is always already awake.

To make spiritual awakening truly accessible, Craig has developed a series of “inner postures” that are derived from the experience of Enlightened consciousness itself.

These inner postures enable us to directly recognize our Enlightened essence or what is often referred to as “awakened awareness” or “awakened consciousness.”

The Practice of Direct Awakening is an approach to meditation designed to bring us into the immediate and direct awareness of our true nature beyond the mind and ego.

Instead of spending decades preparing for a future moment of Enlightenment, we can literally practice aligning with the limitless energy, intelligence and freedom of Enlightenment right now.

“The teachings and explanations were so clear and helpful.”

“What a wonderful session! I really enjoyed the power of the collective and felt it strongly. The teachings and explanations were so clear and helpful and I got so much out of each of the practices.”


— Michele

“These seemingly simple meditations have an incredible effect.”

“For the first time in my life, I can clearly see the benefits of meditation in my daily life. Every day. These seemingly simple meditations have an incredible effect.”


— Tomasz

“I see and feel results already.”

“It’s the first time in my 58 years that I’ve made a commitment to really study meditation. I see and feel results already.”


— Julie

“I felt as if we were pushing the boundaries in order to grow.”

“The collective energy emanated during the workshop was very uplifting and felt as if we were pushing the boundaries in order to grow. I am new to the sit still concept of meditation, but I must say that Craig’s guided meditation makes it possible for me.”


— Anna

“Something deeply transformative is happening.”

“Something deeply transformative is happening that is so subtle I can find no words to express it, and it seems like a mystery from beyond. Craig, I’m so grateful for your ability to share your teaching so clearly.”

— Connie

“A personal meditation experience beyond what has come before.”

“Craig, the evolution of your spiritual wisdom as a teacher is truly inspiring! For me, the clarity and quality of your facilitation has resulted in a personal meditation experience beyond what has come before … thank you!”


— Robert

“People are responding to me differently and me to them.”

“This is incredible! I am feeling so uplifted and propelled in daily life as a result of my meditation. People are responding to me differently and me to them. Life is flowing.”

— Devon

“My heart is full of wonder.”

“Stunning shifts all day long. I’m SO grateful for this clear teaching and guidance. Ever deepening. My heart is full of wonder. Thank you.”


— Judy

“Your teaching was beautifully accessible.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but your teaching was beautifully accessible and after the session my home seemed to be luminous and glowing with the collective energy of the session. . . it feels like something has started!”



Dear Friend,

Genuine spiritual awakening is the gateway to an unimaginable possibility.

If you’ve had even a glimpse of this profound spiritual potential, you know that an extraordinary, enlightened life is possible–a life filled with meaning and purpose, in which you have access to a seemingly limitless well of inspiration, wisdom, love and creativity.

So, why is that, for thousands of years, the supreme goal of Enlightenment has been shrouded in mystery, believed to be accessible only indirectly through decades (or even lifetimes) of repetitive and often tedious meditation practice?

As a spiritual practitioner, it never made sense to me that spiritual awakening should be so inaccessible.

After all, spiritual masters East and West have always told us that the miracle of Enlightened Consciousness already exists, fully formed, inside of each of us–that this luminous awareness is none other than our own true nature.

If this awakened “spiritual nature” is truly who we already are, why would it be nearly impossible to gain consistent, ongoing access to it?

It was my pursuit of this inquiry over decades of spiritual practice and teaching that eventually led me to a discovery that turned my entire world upside down.

The radical discovery that completely transformed my understanding of spiritual awakening is that it is possible to meditate in such a way that enables us to tap directly into this infinite energy, intelligence and freedom.

Instead of doing practices designed to bring about a future moment of awakening, we can practice “being awake” right now.

It’s a subtle shift in approach. But it changes everything.

At the heart of this paradigm shift is the recognition that just as our ordinary, unawakened consciousness operates in predictable ways, awakened consciousness also functions in reliable, observable ways.

And if we can observe and understand how the natural functioning of awakened consciousness works, we can learn how to practice stepping directly into it.

I’ve come to call this radical new approach to meditation, “The Practice of Direct Awakening.”

It consists of a simple set of daily practices that enable you to step directly into the miracle of awakened consciousness every time you practice.

When you do, you’ll find you instantly have access to profound intuitive wisdom, deep emotional resilience, genuine empathy, remarkable flexibility, surprising creativity and a host of other innate “supercapacities.”

If you’ve been struggling with meditation and other practices for any length of time, you may find that what I’m asserting sounds just too good to be true, or too easy to be genuinely transformational.

But, after teaching the Practice of Direct Awakening to thousands of people over the past decade, I can say with confidence that anybody with a sincere aspiration to Awaken can do this.

You can do this. It doesn’t have to take a lifetime to wake up.

In creating The Awakened Life, I set out to do something I haven’t done before, which is to offer an ongoing training and support program to help you master the Practice of Direct Awakening over an extended period of time so that its fruits will transform every aspect of your life.

I have poured my heart and soul into creating a transformational journey that can genuinely open you to the miracle of awakened consciousness, and more importantly, give you the tools to sustain and deepen this awakening over time.

My goal is to give you everything you need to unlock the boundless energy, intelligence, creativity and love that has always been your own “true nature.”

The insights and practices I will be sharing in this program have radically transformed my own life and have already impacted thousands of students.

And if you decide to join me on this journey, I look forward to working directly with you to help activate the extraordinary transformative potential of this practice in your own life.

With Love,

Each Month You’ll Receive

90-Minute Direct Awakening Meditation Workshop with Craig Hamilton

These dynamic audio workshops are the heart of our course experience. Each month, Craig will take us on another journey into the Practice of Direct Awakening, combining insightful talks and guided meditations. In each of these intensive training sessions, Craig introduces a potent meditation practice and offers in-depth instruction and guidance to enable you to use this practice to step directly into your true nature. He then leads a guided meditation, further clarifying the practice and inviting you to experience awakened consciousness here and now. These sessions are deeply experiential, so please make sure you’re in a place where you can give your full attention to the material. Direct Awakening Meditation Workshops are 90 minutes in length and are released on the first day of each month at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time.

Four Weekly 30-minute Guided Meditation Audios

Each week throughout the month, you’ll receive a new 30-minute guided audio meditation elaborating on that month’s meditation practice. These guided meditation audios will bring additional depth and subtlety to the monthly practice focus, enabling you to advance rapidly into the freedom and illuminating potential of direct awakening.

LIVE Interactive 2-Hour Virtual Retreat with Craig

On the third Saturday of each month, we’ll gather for a dynamic opportunity to engage LIVE on video with Craig in an exploration of Direct Awakening practice. Craig will begin each Virtual Retreat with a guided meditation and some further reflections on the monthly practice theme. This is followed by an opportunity for you to share your practice with Craig and receive his direct coaching to help you overcome any challenges you’re encountering and guide you deeper into the practice. Many participants report that listening to Craig coach others is as powerful as asking their own questions, and reveals questions they didn’t know they had. You are welcome to attend these sessions live each month to get your questions answered, or post questions in advance for Craig on the Online Learning Portal. These Virtual Activation Retreats will take place live on video on the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. US Pacific time (12:00 p.m. Eastern). As the program unfolds, you will also be able to listen to the recordings of these valuable retreat sessions if you are unable to attend them live (listen online or download the mp3 files to your audio player).

Written Practice Guides

Each month, you’ll receive a written practice guide summarizing the month’s core meditation practices. Practice guides will also include instructions for “awakened life practices” you can use to remain centered and awake in your daily life. In combination with the weekly guided meditation audios, these practice guides will create a potent support system for your daily practice and a gateway to the stabilization of awakened consciousness.

Transcripts of Monthly Meditation Workshops

Edited PDF transcripts are a great resource to go back to and quickly reference key concepts and answers to questions as you step fully into the practices and principles you’ll explore in the monthly Meditation Workshops. These transcripts of the monthly workshops will be released via the Online Learning Portal.

Unlimited Access to our Meditation for Evolutionaries Wisdom Library

Between 2011-2017, Craig presented a series of 50 monthly meditation workshops sharing the life-changing principles and practices of direct awakening with the public. These 50 potent teaching sessions are now archived and available for online streaming exclusively to members of The Awakened Life. Each 90-minute audio includes a talk, guided meditation and Q&A session exploring a different facet of direct awakening practice.


Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton is a pioneering spiritual teacher whose refreshing, contemporary approach to authentic awakening is redefining the spiritual path for a new era. 

Craig Hamilton is a spiritual trailblazer whose innovative approach to transformation is bringing enlightenment down to earth and unlocking the codes to our highest human potential.

With more than 16,000 graduates to date, his in-depth online courses have transformed the lives of seekers in over 85 countries worldwide.

These courses offer practical spiritual tools and training that are in step with our times and informed by an up-to-date understanding of the human condition. In this unique training ground, Craig brings together core insights and approaches based on decades of on-the-ground research at the leading edge of spiritual practice and inquiry.

Craig began his spiritual journey in the ashrams and monasteries of the East, but ultimately found himself at the forefront of consciousness research in the West, playing a key role in a series of contemporary laboratories of conscious evolution.

It was in these cutting-edge spiritual experiments that the key insights that inform his work took shape. He has personally logged over 18,000 hours of meditation, including multiple intensive retreats, the longest of which was six months in duration.

Craig’s programs integrate his decades of intensive spiritual practice with insights gleaned during his eight years as Senior Editor of the award winning What Is Enlightenment? magazine.

He is a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Forum, and was a participant in the Synthesis Dialogues, a 35-person interdisciplinary think tank presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

He is considered by many to be a “teacher of teachers” and counts several of today’s leading spiritual luminaries among his students.

What Luminaries Are Saying About Craig

Discover the Keys to Catalyzing and Sustaining a Genuine Awakening

When you join us for The Awakened Life, each month you’ll receive:

  • One 90-Minute Direct Awakening Meditation Audio Workshop with Craig
  • One LIVE Interactive 2-Hour Virtual Retreat with Craig
  • Four Weekly 30-minute Guided Meditation Audios
  • A Written Practice Guide summarizing the month’s core meditation practices
  • An Edited PDF transcript – a great resource to go back to and quickly reference key concepts
  • Custom Online Learning Portal
  • Online Community Forum for Discussion and Connection
  • Unlimited Access to our Meditation for Evolutionaries Wisdom Library containing 50 pre-recorded meditation workshops

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